Hi! My name is Christine and I'm so glad that you're stopping by- I know there is a sea of photographers you can be looking at so I love that you wanted to spend some time with me. 

I am definitely a lifestyle photographer- give me all of the candid moments please- so that when you look back at your wedding photos or newborn session you say "I remember that moment!" instead of "That’s so not us." Without getting too cheesy, I have to say I really love what I do and the ability to freeze such genuine moments and preserve that forever. Nothing beats the way a husband and wife look at each other as they walk down the aisle or the way brand new parents look at their little bundle of joy in their arms and I get to document it- it truly makes me smile every. single. time. 

I’ll stop rambling but I I seriously love that you're here!




Let me first say, I am one of the crazy people that LOVE LOVE planning and shooting weddings. (Okay, maybe normal people love weddings but I feel like not everyone loves the planning part.) For me, being able to work with my clients and spend time with them beforehand makes the wedding day that much more special! I don't want to be just your photographer- I am the girl who is fixing your bustle, making your husband whisper ridiculous things in your ear and dancing with you at the end of the night!




Families are truly the core of what I do. Even as my business grows and I take on more weddings and explore opportunities, it always comes back to families for me. I absolutely love spending time with these sweet sweet people as their little ones grow up and their family expands. One of the things I cherish most about what I do is that even as life gets hectic, I spend time with my families year after year. I'll stop being mushy now but I mean, come on-- they're so fun! 




Oh boy do I love my couples. My couples might actually have hearts of gold and have so much patience with me as I'm telling them to stand further out on the rocks where the waves are crashing or that I need them to lay down in the sand. I truly prize myself on photographing genuine moments and so when I have these amazing couples that are just so in love, it kinda makes my heart melt every time. While most of these couples will also make an appearance in the wedding gallery, I love having anniversary sessions as well because I think it's so fun and important to take them time for yourselves long after your wedding day!