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Matire Family | West Palm Beach, FL

I have been able to photograph Carly's family since before the littlest nugget was born and not only have I loved being able to capture the moments throughout her life but she has become one of my best friends! (Fun fact: she and our friend Jess (who had showed up like oh so many times on this blog because she's wonderful) are throwing me my baby shower! I truly would not know either one of them if it weren't for this career of mine and I could not be more grateful. 

Anywayyy, this shoot was definitely a hectic one. Carly- don't hate me- but I need everyone to know that sometimes shoots aren't perfect. Sometimes there's kids that don't want to cuddle their sister or brother's that don't want to sit on the couch but that's the beauty of this. My goal is to take all of the REAL moments of life and capture them and still make them fun. I do feel bad because sometimes the photo you're looking for doesn't happen- Carly, we still need to do a photo of your three kids...- but it's how life works. It doesn't always go as planned but you appreciate the moments anyway. 

Alright, I'm done being sentimental now (#pregnancyhormones) but I just love this job and all the great people it brings into my life. 

xx, c

Liz & Dan | Jupiter, FL

This blog post is long overdue but I had such a wonderful time with Dan and Liz a couple of months ago! They are seriously the most loving and just outgoing couple and are such a blessing to work with. I cannot WAIT until October when these two tie the knot!! 

xx, c

Stephanie and Dave: Maternity | Jupiter, FL

So I know I say this all the time but I am so excited to share this session on the blog today!! Stephanie found me through a mutual friend and we instantly became friends, especially talking all things pregnancy with each other! We actually decided we needed a double date even before we did a shoot and our husbands had fun drinking beer and talking sports as we attempted to figure out how to raise the child growing in our bellies. 

Stephanie, Dave and I had such a wonderful time on this shoot- walking all throughout the park- and racing to the bridge before we lost all the light but it was SO worth it. Congratulations to this amazing couple and I can't wait to cuddle your little girl so shortly!! 

xx, c