Personal: Day at the Beach

To anybody that doesn't know me, I have a love of planning. I make a lot of to-do lists and when Ryan was out of town Friday night, I had a really good time making a list of things I had to clean and getting it all done.

Needless to say, I'm not a huge fan of when my Sunday plans don't happen. Here is the break down:


  • Church (after the morning shower and coffee, duh)
  • Registry stops: Bed Bath and Beyond and Pottery Barn (ambitious but I felt confident)
    • Side Note because I'm proud of myself: Macy's happened yesterday in between football games with solely the bribery of Starbucks
  • Mom and Dad's House: We're the bad children that convinced mom to buy a new computer and now of course the transition is not going smoothly so Techy-Ryan was coming to the rescue
  • Photo Shoot at 4pm: After a quick stop by the apartment, it was off to my co-worker Nicole's house for her family portraits with the perfect warm light of a setting sun.
  • Home editing beautiful photos with a glass of wine by 6pm: Because, like, why not?


  • Winter Rainstorm: This is what I call thunderstorms that happen in South Florida after the month of October. When you look outside, it's that misty rain that almost looks like snow and then you remember, "Oh yeah, I live in South Florida and it doesn't get below 65 degrees ever and that's just rain."
    • Thought: "Yes, it's inconvenient but also a daily struggle as a Floridian. Moving on."
  • No water-pressure: "Okay, so go to church smelly?.... Less than ideal- Bible session tonight it is."
  • Mom and Dad's House: So this still happened just a little out of order because showers take priority with good reason.
    • If you care, Mom's computer did not go as planned like any tech problem ever. That is currently to be continued.
  • Photo shoot: I spent all day refreshing the radar and much to my dismay, it was not changing. Pretty much just green and orange, everywhere. After a couple of texts exchanges, the photo shoot got rescheduled. Bummer. 
  • 4 pm: Walk into our apartment, ready for a rainy couch cuddle and it's never been prettier outside... Awesome.

Caution: Sappiness approaching.

It's days like this that I'm so grateful for a man who wants to make me happy because after my quick sulking session, we were in the car and five minutes later I was on the beach with my impromptu model.

  • Side note: This bribery did include Guinness. Know your man's weaknesses, ladies.

So despite Florida weather having a bi-polar personality, I'm gonna take the W on today. Besides, I need to learn that plans will change constantly everyday for the rest of my life so might as well start adjusting now.

P.S. Ryan, if you're reading this, just be proud that I am openly admitting that I don't do well with change. And no, you cannot use this against me in future moments.

Also, see some classic outtakes below :)