The Mayfield Family | Stuart, FL

While I have been photographing for the last four years, it never felt like a career. I was always a student first (just ask my mom). But last month I had my first, "I am a real adult working for real people" job. 

People always say that the real world has its difficulties- and don't get me wrong, having this paycheck end up in my fridge and gas tank was certainly not the most exciting thing- but it makes it really nice that it doesn't truly feel like work- even on the Sunday after daylight savings. 

I mean, who wouldn't have fun with a family that takes goofy photos like this? 

  (D750, 24-70 mm) 

 (D750, 24-70 mm) 

I'm not going to lie- I was a little nervous. I was used to shooting athletes who lived by the mentality that the weirder they looked the more athletic they were. What I wasn't used to was putting people in awkward poses that made them look natural and getting three children to smile at the camera at the same time before one of them decides that a peace sign will make them look cool. 

All in all, it went really well. That being said, I got super lucky because even before I started, this was what I was provided with:

  • An adorable family of five; three kids who started out shy and then completely hammed it up for the camera but most importantly, just wanted to have fun 
  • A very fluffy cooperative dog 
  • A house on the water with a big yard as well as a picturesque entry way, complete with a rustic, wooden bench

So that combined with a camera and a partially sunny day, you get these gems: 

As if that wasn't a great way to start my morning, I stopped by my cousin's house because her daughter Madeline needed photos for her local theater group. Well luck strikes again because I wouldn't be very good at my job if I screwed the photos up when she looks like this: 

I'll take some of those genes please and thanks...

In the course of three hours I got to have two wonderful shoots and then even more fun editing them throughout the following week. Bottom line is that I truly love working on Sundays when it felt like this one did :) 

Disclaimer: That one specific Sunday made the real world real easy- but definitely don't ask me how I feel about being an adult at 8 pm on a Tuesday and I haven't made dinner yet and all I want is a bottle of wine. 


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