It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

The stockings are hung- on the mantle above a fake fire place- and the tree is decorated (although it might have a slight sun burn from being too close to the window). The town is filled with lights and the 600 ton sand castle Christmas tree is on display. (I have a feeling that last one might not be found in a traditional Christmas song.)

I am your typical South-Florida girl that still thinks snow is a giant white blanket that makes everything pretty so I would want nothing more than a white Christmas. But with where we live, the only chance of that is the white caps that fall on the shore. (I can hear your disgruntled sighs from here.) 

Due to my childish obsession with the holiday, Ryan and I went and bought our first Christmas tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving and wasted no time getting it, and our apartment, decorated.

With our 6-foot tree, Walmart garland and a beautiful wreath hanging on our door (shout out Aunt Susan), we felt pretty proud of ourselves. We transformed our home into a Christmas wonderland in one afternoon.

Then mom and dad called and we realized we were amateurs.

12 Christmas place settings

11 strings of icicles

10 boxes of decorations

9 extension cords

8 Christmas carolers

7 hours working

6 standing Santas

5 wooden nutcrackers

4 strings of lights

3 font-yard blow-ups

2 bottles of wine

1 9-foot Christmas tree

One my favorite things about our city is also their love for the holiday and it may not feel like winter down here, but every palm tree in sight is strung with lights and they built a Christmas tree out of sand so I'm a happy camper.

So it may not be snowing, or even get below 75 degrees, but the Christmas spirit is here and that is all that matters.