Gemma | Tarpon Springs, FL

The Christmas of 2015 was filled with firsts for not only Ryan and I but for the rest of the family as well.

  • Ryan and I's first Christmas together (and in turn, my first Christmas with the Magee clan)
  • The first Magee Christmas in Tarpon Springs in the new house
  • Gemma's first Christmas ever (and she totally stole the show as she rightfully should have)
  • Gemma's first photo shoot (the first of many- she probably should just become a baby model but then I wouldn't be able to afford her)

Although our time with the family was short, we spent a great couple of days by the pool and around the Christmas tree (not at the same time) celebrating both the holiday and the fact that all 13 (14 counting Murphy, the dog) of us were under the same roof.

Gemma had the privilege (and consequence) of being my first baby model and this is what she taught me:

  • Never stop shooting because sometimes a cry looks like a laugh in a photo
  • 3 costume changes is definitely enough to make her upset
  • 100% have mom or dad stand behind you or else she might be completely uninterested
  • Her modeling time is approximately 15 minutes and then she decides she's had enough of you and your very large camera and just wants mom
  • Constantly shoot because sometimes she thinks her toy is entertaining for .3 seconds and then she is over it
  • When you find that one among the 917 photos taken it makes everything worth it because nothing looks as cute as a naked baby in a Notre Dame bow (or any bow for that matter)

Thanks again to Rylee and Tim for having the most precious baby and making me look really good at what I do.

We had such an amazing time being able to spend Christmas with all of Ryan's family and I couldn't be more excited about the family I am becoming a part of.

As if we're not fortunate enough, it's the Christmas that keeps on giving and will be having another Christmas with my parents, grandparents and sister on Jan. 2 so stay tuned! (Be warned though, no babies will appear in that photo shoot so we know it won't be nearly as adorable.)

And of course- what would a photo shoot be without the outtakes.