A Dominican Getaway

This man is 97 years old. He plays the accordion 6 days a week. Life goals please.

~Dress: Tart Collections (last season- similar here)  Sunglasses: Tory Burch ~

A couple disclaimers before we start here: 

  • My grandparents are not only amazing and supportive, but pretty much the coolest grandparents ever (read more to find out why) 
  • Yes, we did more than just go to dinner one night at Los Altos (even though my sister and I were only there for 36 hours) but I was having too much fun sitting by the pool and playing tennis that this was the only time the camera really made an appearance. 

Before last year, The Dominican Republic was really just a country that came up in my 8th grade Spanish class- never a place that I had to have on my bucket list. Last year my grandparents announced that for their yearly winter excursion they were renting a house in Casa de Campo, and it was suddenly on the radar. 

My grandparents enjoyed it so much last year that they decided to make the trip again- even rent the same house- and this past weekend, my sister and I made a short getaway to visit them. (My mom- the lucky duck- had already been there for a week and Uncle Jeff made a surprise visit Sunday afternoon.) 

There are no other words than to say that this place is just utterly beautiful. It's truly it's own little community with beautiful and extravagant houses to say the least. 

The first night there we had dinner down by the marina and had a glorious time looking at the boats that cost more than my life is worth. The next day was filled with but not limited to: tennis, lunch by the pool, vodka cranberries and lots of sunshine. 

After we decided that being the color of lobsters was enough time in the sun, we ventured down to Altos de Chavon, a town replicating a 16th Mediterranean village. They even have a beautiful 5,000-seat amphitheater (where Ricky Martin is performing Feb. 6 if anyone is interested). 

We ate dinner at La Piazzeta on the deck looking over the amazing view. As if that wasn't enough, we got serenaded by a Spanish trio- one member who was 97 years old!  It couldn't have been more perfect if you had taken the scene out of a movie. (Well, Jeff apparently has mosquito-prone blood so he might disagree, but that sounds like a personal problem.) 

This is now officially a place that will find a permanent place on my travel list- although I'm not sure I could rock it as cool as my grandparents have- but it's a must-do trip. 

And of course, the outtakes, although these are courteous of Uncle Jeff stealing the camera.