When The Fiancé’s Away, The Wedding Planning Will Play

I'm not ashamed to admit that this was the first thing I put in my new 2016 planner

The most perfect book, "Keep Calm for Brides", from Torey- these quotes are some of my favorites and she did the highlighting so obviously great minds think alike :) 

Just proof that my family knows me so well- my aunt got me a book of wedding-specific sticky notes :)

Just proof that my family knows me so well- my aunt got me a book of wedding-specific sticky notes :)

And yes I know they are all still there but my OCDness loves how perfect it looks- I'll use it eventually 

And yes I know they are all still there but my OCDness loves how perfect it looks- I'll use it eventually 

I live and die by my Moleskine Wedding Journal when it comes to anything wedding related- I may carry it with me everywhere.

Just a tiny sneak preview: some of our color swatches with photographs of our reception room :)

Macy's and Bed Bath and Beyond were my registry dream come true. Ryan agreed to go to each place once and trust me, it's way better to put things on a registry with a scanner like in the movies than just doing it online. 

When I started writing this blog, I planned to have lots of photo stories but I also figured I would throw in some wedding updates here and there- mainly because I wanted to make sure Ryan still wanted to marry me at the end of all of this which definitely meant limiting how much wedding talk I did. (Tip for the bride-to-be's: 22 hours a day is too much apparently.)

With that being said, now seemed like the perfect time for Wedding Post #1, during Ryan's first trip away for work. (Which by the way hun, if you're reading this, come back. Great, thanks). 

Although this is being posted six months out from the wedding, everybody knows that we started planning this back in May. (Also, I feel I should tell you if you haven't figured it out yet that by "we" I mean my mother and I (and the wedding planner, Carole, who is amazing). Ryan becomes part of the "we" here and there: the church, music and food decisions mainly.

To avoid the risk of rambling and giving too much away, I'll give you guys a brief rundown of a couple wedding details:

Destination: Mackinac Island, MI: In addition to my parents getting married there 24 years ago, I spent summers on the island at my grandparents' summer home so it was my princess fairy tale wedding dream to get married there. Fortunately, I found the man of my dreams who loves me (and is from the Midwest) and let me have (and is willing to be a part of) my princess fairy tale wedding dream. Bottom line: Mackinac was an easy choice.  

The Dress: Don't get too excited, I am not providing pictures but I will share a secret with you about it: I am wearing my mom's wedding dress.

When Ryan and I got engaged, I tried on my mom's dress really just to say I did. (I felt like it was a typically mother/daughter pre-wedding experience). I had no intention of actually wearing it. Sorry mom.

Author's Note: For those of you who have seen my mother's wedding dress, while gorgeous, I hope you agree with me that it definitely fit into the early 90's time period as well as the "Somewhere in Time" theme- not exactly my style.

Another Author's Note: If you don't know what "Somewhere in Time" is, go watch it immediately. Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. Yes please. And fun fact, it's filmed on the island, hence the obsession.

Anyway, then the dress fit. (All those years my mom lied to me when she said "I was never your size!" False. She was very much my size.)

Not only did it fit, it was so perfectly preserved, you never would've guess its been sitting in a plastic bag, in a box, underneath my parents' bed for the last 24 years. It then became a conversations of what if's. What if we do this in? And took this part and put it here?

10 wedding dress examples and a trip to the tailor later, the decision had been made.

Alterations have begun (and are almost finished) and I couldn't be more thrilled. Not only is it more perfect than I could've imagined, but the sentimental value alone puts it well above anything I would've bought off a rack.

There are many more decisions to be made (and then probably changed because I find something different on Pinterest, i.e. centerpieces) but when it comes down to it, I know Ryan will be standing at the end of that aisle at 4 p.m. on July 29th, 2016 regardless of the flowers or the food and I'm grateful that the groom is one decision I've never once thought about changing. :)

P.S. Bets that Ryan is going to cry the day of? He says no but I'm thinkin' a tear might trickle.