Spencer & Crawford | Palm Beach, FL

The same hand positions- aw :)

Guys, how cute are these cousins?! For anybody who says matching outfits are overrated, obviously didn't pick our these outfits because my heart melted a little more with each costume change.

I had so much fun with this shoot! First off, to both moms, you guys are awesome :) It makes my job so much easier when everyone is go with the flow and that's exactly what this one was.

Secondly, I have definitely more than eluded to the fact that I'm a planner so I feel more comfortable about a shoot going in with a game plan- not a definitive timeline because with little ones you always have to be flexible, but ideas for sure. But what I love most about shoots like this one (the ones that throw your plan out the window) is how they come out just as beautiful- if not more. I pride myself on capturing the candid moments of life and while you definitely need a posed photo now and then, the in between moments are my favorite :) 

Make sure to come back and see all of the wonderful Christmas shoots I've done this season- cards have to go out in the mail first :) 

xx, c