Mike & Allie | Delray Beach, FL

Since I have only recently segued from shooting university athletics into portraits, I don't have those stories that a lot of photographers have- you know the "It's amazing to photograph this family when only 3 short years ago I photographed their wedding." Yeah, I don't have that yet. But all in good time, friends.

But thanks to our friends Will and Ali, Mike and Allie get to be my first story- well, short story but baby steps right? Also, I will explain to confusion of names although I still mix them up to this day.

Will and Ali: They are our best friends from Gainesville and to be honest, I'm not sure we would've survived the swamp without them, proven by the fact that that both of them are in our bridal party come July.

Ali and Allie (stay with me) were college roommates at Ithaca College where Ali met Will and then eventually, Allie met Mike and the four of them remained good friends.

Now enter us into the equation.

Not long after Ryan and I moved down to West Palm, Ali called me to say that she and Will were driving down because Mike was planning a big proposal and asked if I would be the "secret paparazzi". And of course I said yes! (She also informed me after the fact that I had to be in Boca at 6 a.m.... but I would've said yes anyway because I'm that sappy photographer that loves love and engagements.) 

So that was the first day we met Mike and Allie: some of those photos from the picturesque sunrise proposal are below. Well done, Mike. Well done.

Needless to say I was thrilled when Allie reached out and asked me to photograph her and Mike's engagement photos and let me just say, they were such troupers. We ventured around the park, tagging places that we needed to come back when the shadows had changed 5 minutes later. 

You guys are such a great couple and it's definitely time for a double date! Only new friends through old ones, right? 


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