McVicar Family | Jupiter, FL

I don't even know where to begin with these cuties. Their mom Nidhi and I always talk about how she of course loves them unconditionally, but they might have resembled little aliens when they were born. And its' truly unbelievable that now they've grown into these perfect little humans who ask for kiwi and read the children's version of Pride and Prejudiced. 

I am so mesmerized that these twins each have such huge and adorable but different personalities. 

Winston is such a charmer with his suave hair and adorable smile, both of which are going to cause his parents some serious problems when he's older. He also had no problem with the camera. He was all about it and did whatever Nidhi told him to in terms of smiling at me and laying on his stomach with his head and his hands. 

India definitely has a little bit of Nidhi's independent personality and she was more hesitant to the camera at first, but when she did get comfortable, she had this look that made Nidhi and I terrified in how she somehow had years of modeling experience at 2 1/2 years old. They're both such genuinely happy children that it makes my job incredibly easy and fun. 

Going into this shoot Nidhi and I knew we wanted simple. Fluffy pottery barn blankets (which are now on my wedding registry) and simple adorable outfits were exactly what we were going for. As if that set up in front of the fire place with white crown modeling wasn't perfect enough, we went to Nidhi's room, which has a perfectly colored plush comforter and lots and gorgeous natural light, so that they could "jump on mommy's bed." 

Nidhi gets credit for this idea because it was beyond brilliant. 

There's something truly incredible about capturing families, especially kids, in their element and at home. Sometimes those photos can be difficult as well- life takes over and the house can be messy, or there isn't enough natural light, but I want to personally thank Nidhi for both being more OCD than me, having amazing taste in her house decorating and for having the most adorable and upbeat children around. 

Thank you for everything- including letting me photograph your kids from now until ever. Up next: Your whole family photo shoot :) STAY TUNED!