So There's This Thing Called A "Wedding Beauty Plan"

I love my layers with all my heart but they sometimes become a little problematic with braids- aka here.

Proof that bobby pinning is hard- whoops

Proof that bobby pinning is hard- whoops

~  Shirt: Banana Republic Outlet (similar here)   /   All Make Up: Laura Mercier   ~

As I've mentioned before, I have a love affair with to-do lists so when The Knot told me that there was a "Beauty Plan" portion of my to-do list for the big day, I planned to take it seriously. Then I read the suggestions and they definitely made me giggle but I thought I would give it a shot anyway- ya know, because it's on the list :)

The plan has four main sections: hair, face, body and hands/feet. Because this plan can be a little overwhelming I'm going to break it down and translate it through my mind for you guys:

Hair: Once a month, deep condition- um, I'll just condition every day, thanks. Once a week, give your hair a rest- oh you mean be lazy and don't try and just throw it up in a pony tail? Got that down pat. Once a day- protect your hair from heat (prior to flat-iron and blow dry), Wait I thought I was supposed to give my hair a rest? Regardless, I also use heat protectant before I straighten my hair so I'm giving myself a check for that. At least once, go get a trim- Even I know that's a necessity.

Face: Once a month, a peel- That word is scary but I have a clay mask so that counts, right? Once a week, deep cleansing mask- Oh I guess that's where the clay mask comes in. Once a day, moisturize! Sorry- I got really excited because I actually follow this one. At least once, get a facial- Does anybody have thoughts on this one? I go back and forth.

Body: Once a month, they call it "defuzz" which I love! But yes, without too much TMI, I can say that I handle this one. Once a week, exfoliate- I'm two for two guys! Once a day, lotion on the entire body- I know this is what I'm supposed to do but sometimes I tell myself that showering is like moisturizing so I don't do it- I'll try harder. At least once, go to the spa- um are you paying?

Hands and Feet: Once a month, manicure and pedicure- See response for spa. Once a week, give yourself a foot scrub- that's probably a good idea considering my answer for the previous suggestion. Once a day, hand cream- Yeah, that's fair. I'll give that one a shot. At least once, deep moisturize- you mean when I was a kid and thought I was so grown up putting lotion on my feet and then putting socks on? Alright, I can handle that one too.

One thing about getting married is that you can use the wedding as an excuse for just about anything. (There may or may not be some new purchases in my closet because I found some round about way to connect them to the wedding.) So needless to say, I used this beauty plan the same way.

So off to Ulta I went and spent more than I probably should have but its fine- "it's for the wedding." (That's my new favorite line and Ryan's response is pretty much always, "Ha, okay honey.")

So far, I've been good for the first 48 hours so the real trick is if I can stick with it. At least this one should be easier than the "Wedding Fitness Plan" (that one will be coming shortly- one of my best friends Ali is doing it with me because she and Will are getting married a couple weeks before us so that should be interesting.)

If you have any interest, these are some of the things that made the Ulta list:

- RedKen Pillow Proof Dry Shampoo: I've already used it once and it's pretty mind blowing that the grease scarily just disappears. I got sucked into this because of the whole "you're not supposed to wash your hair everyday" thing and my hair without a shower everyday looks like I spilled olive oil all over it so that's less than ideal.

  • Connection to the wedding: I'm going to be running around during wedding week and I need to make sure I don't have greasy hair.

-Clear Elastic Hair Ties: I'm just trying to be like Amber Fillerup and work some braids into my life- the milk braid look actually came from Something Navy's tutorial but let's be real, if I could be half as cool as either of them then I think I'm good to go.

  • Connection to the wedding: I think I might do this milk braid for one of my showers :)

-Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer: This I got from Amber Fillerup's blog. I was looking for an affordable moisturizer because although I love my Laura Mercier moisturizer, I feel guilty over using it because it's so expensive so I needed one that I could throw on multiple times a day on the days that my face gets so dry.

  • Connection to the wedding: The Knot told me so

-EOS Lip Balm: No explanation needed- I think I buy them every time I see them... Whoops

  • Connection to the wedding: Definitely have to make sure my lips are moisturized too- duh

- Clarisonic Brush Head for Men: So Ryan doesn't even know I got this yet... (and he's not gonna be thrilled with what I'm going to say but he's supportive of my blog so he's going to suck it up- love ya honey) I'm obsessed with my Clarisonic and he was with me last time I went and got replacement heads. The woman at Macy's convinced him that he should be using it also but we were going to just share to see if he liked it before we bought him his own brush (she also confirmed that it was sanitary for us to use the same brush so no judgement). He now uses it alllllllll the time so when I saw they had a specific men's brush I had to get it :)

  • Connection to the wedding: Ryan and I are a team so if I'm doing the beauty plan, I think so should he :)

For any other fellow photographers reading this, proof that self portraits are hard- here are some outtakes because it was definitely trial and error :)

Thanks for reading guys and stay tuned for some more wedding-themed posts :)