Paisley Swimsuit

~   Paisley Swim Suit: Everything But Water (different pattern here)   /  Sunglasses: same ones from this post  ~

Photography by Ali Decirce :)  

So funny story behind this bathing suit. Ryan and I had just got engaged when we came down to South Florida for a week or so and unfortunately, my ring was just a little too big (not even Ryan's fault, I gave him the wrong size when we were talking about getting engaged...whoops) so we went to the jeweler and they told me they had to keep it for a week! I felt like I went into a state of depression when I gave it to them so Ryan let me do a little bit of retail therapy and so I bought this bathing suit. 

Although it was purchased as a pity suit, I always wanted to rock the ruffle and I love the back- it's so fun! 

A couple of weeks ago, Ryan and I made a spontaneous trip to Tampa- he was actually home for a weekend. I was planning on going to Tampa anyway because my friend Ali had her final wedding dress fitting- ahh! She looked stunning!- and so Ryan made the trip with me to go and visit his family in Tarpon. 

Ali and I spent the day at the beach with my sister and her friend Tucker and pretty sure we experienced the Red Tide! Have you guys heard of that? I never had but by the time we left we were coughing and sneezing so much! But regardless, it was a beautiful day and after Ali's fitting, we went up and spent the night at Ryan's parents with everyone. 

We're so lucky that we have family so close and we get to spend so much time with them- we still can't really believe it, especially considering Ryan and I use to be so restricted by work schedules that we couldn't travel a lot so it's been awesome that we can make spontaneous family and friend trips happen :)