100 Days To Go

Okay, so now it's 99 but who's counting really... I thought I would give you guys an insight to our wedding planning and an update as we soar into the double-digits count down until our big day. 

Side note: If you share Ryan's feelings on this topic (aka not a big deal), sorry but our total engagement will come to 441 days (Google is a wonderful thing) so I feel like breaking double digits is monumental! 

I'm just going to come out and say what you're not supposed to: wedding planning has been so fun! Now with that said, I am sooooo incredibly lucky because the only reason I think it is fun is due to the hard work of my mom and our wedding planner Carole- they deal with all of the difficult stuff (aka finances and logistics). I truly feel like I get to be a princess bride (also, never seen that movie so there is no hidden reference there) in that they ask me what I want and then make it happen. 

One thing that you do realize in planning a wedding is the tiny little details. For example, when I thought of flowers, I thought of center pieces and bouquets and then Carole would say, "Okay, what do you want to do about the church alter pieces and do you want a wreath? And what about boutineers, do you want them for groomsmen and fathers and grandpas?" And I would say, "Right, that's a thing." Have I said she's amazing? 

So now I'll stop babbling and give you guys a little sneak peak into our big day as a reward for stopping by :) 

P.S. All of these pictures are courtesy of the internet- none of these are exact photos in terms of flowers, or decorations- gotta keep some secrets :) 

Church: Ste. Anne's Catholic Church

When Ryan and I began talking about getting married, I told him that we had to get married on Mackinac. He said we had to get married in a Catholic church. As luck would have it, there's one Catholic church on Mackinac Island so that was that :) 

Flowers: Ivory and Blush

These are some photos I used for inspiration that I sent to the florist. Some minor changes were made but I loved the simplicity and the elegance of these roses and colors. 

Color Pallet: Ivory, Blush and "Ocean Blue" 

So ignoring the rustic, burlap theme, this has been our color inspiration since day 1. Our room is pink and white striped so I knew I had to incorporate those colors but when I saw this pin, I fell in love with the darkest blue and kind of went on a rampage finding a bridesmaids dress in that color- thanks for all of your patience girls :) 

Spoiler alert: we did find that blue in the most beautiful Joanna August dresses :) 

Reception: The Grand Hotel

One of my favorite things about the island is the history and this hotel embodies it entirely. On top of that, it's stunningly beautiful and we couldn't imagine having our reception anywhere else. 

Other details: 

THE Dress: My dress is done! If you missed the initial post with some fun dress details, you can read about it here but with only a slight hiccup, it is safely home and in my closet (of my parents' house so Ryan can't peak- jk he wouldn't even think of peaking) 

Food: The food for both the cocktail hour and dinner have been chosen and I must say it sounds incredible (a definite downfall of having a destination wedding is not being able to try the food).

Cake: The cake has also been decided on :) The flavor I am keeping a surprise but here's another example of how lucky I am to have this all be so easy. I sent a picture of a cake I found on pinterest to The Grand and she literally goes, "Yup! We can do that." And that was that. 

Photography and Videography: Given my background, this was done a lonnggggg time ago because both were very important to me. We're so excited to work with McCoy Made and Drew Mason for documenting our big day. They also have been amazingly patient with me and I already love them for that. 

Invitations: My friend Bridget recommended Alicia at A&P Designs to me and we've been so thrilled! She is so patient with my tons of emails and changing little details and we're so excited! Their work is beautiful :) 

Shoes: I know this isn't super exciting for everybody, but I had to share these because they're so perfect and delicate and I'm really excited about it :) 

So that's where we're at right now. For the brides out there reading this saying, "she has no idea what she's talking about, wedding planning sucks", I truly respect you guys for doing it yourself and I'm sure you're killin' it :) I just knew I would drive myself insane if Ryan and I had to plan this on our own so I just want to say thank you for EVERYONE that has been a part of this process. 

Also, stay tuned because I have a shower coming up at the end of the month and for those of you interested, on May 7th I will do a post all about our engagement as that will have been exactly a year since Ryan got down on one knee and this whole thing started :) - Hint Ryan: you have no excuse for forgetting this day.