Heat Game

~  Tank: Express- similar here and here  /  Jeans: same Ivanka Trump ones featured in this post / Purse: Michael Kors- similar here~

So I need to start off by saying the photographer in me really didn't want to post these photos because they were all taken by my phone or my baby digital camera so the quality is certainly not what I'm used to. But Ryan convinced me that I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to post about our night in Miami because let's be real, we don't really do anything fun. So that being said, you get to enjoy some snapchat (ccasey123) (gotta love those filters)/ phone photos with this post. 

Also, this is proof that sometimes you have real life get in the way so as much as I would've liked to take the time to get ready beforehand, plan an outfit accordingly for our fun adventure, sometimes you leave directly from the office and you're stuck with what's in your closet. So, I made my first widget (woo hoo!) really to create a make-believe outfit if I had the time and money for new clothes :)


For Christmas (yes, four months ago), I got Ryan tickets to see the Pistons @ Heat game last week. He's so hard to shop for but I knew anything related to Detroit sports he would be thrilled about- even if he did have to wait four months. 

So although The Pistons did get their butts kicked, Ryan had his first experience in Miami and in the American Airlines arena and I think he had a really good time. Leading up to the game, the man only talked about getting a hot dog and a beer when we got there so that's exactly what we did and made it in time to watch the warm ups (another thing he apparently cares about... boys). We had such a good time having a serious date night and being able to get out of town even if it was just for a little :)