That One Day We Played Dress Up in the Park

~ Dress: Vince Camuto (sold out, longer version here and different pattern here) ~ 


These are some photos that my friend and fellow photographer Mike Darcy took a couple of weeks ago for us- I got anxious and felt like Ry and I didn't have enough photos pre-marriage (crazy I know!) But being a photographer, I love having photos around the house and I felt like I wasn't going to have an excuse to take photos anymore after we got married so Ry was great and let me have this one last shoot before the wedding. 

I found this dress a couple of weeks ago and I'm obsessed! It's perfect for summer because it's lightweight and flowy but it's so comfortable- the white underneath is stretchy!  It is sold out but they have it in a different pattern and I found it in like a mid-calf length which I kind of really love because I think it makes it a little more formal. 

If you read my previous post, you know Ry and I have something exciting at the end of the month- we're moving! Well, we're moving three floors down from a one bedroom to a two bedroom- I will finally have a second closet (to store my way too many shoes) and Ry will have an office! We're incredibly lucky to have the same landlords (aka Mom and Dad) who also happen to be moving our stuff for us on July 1 because we won't be here- sorry guys :/ But we're going to be in Ithaca for our best friends' wedding- yay Will and Ali! 

Check back for photos once we move - even though it won't be much different than what it looks like now- but a new apartment justifies another shoot, right? :)