Ruffle Shorts

~ Shorts: Lord & Taylor (a hundred years ago, similar here and here)   /   Shirt: Nordstroms BP (you can find the white version from this post and a dressier option here)    /    Shoes: Rainbows  

I got these shorts what feels like a million years ago but I nevertheless always go to them when summer comes around- they're lightweight and super fun and have flirty ruffles :) 

Ry and I are in the final countdown (for a lot of things this summer) but this week is the move! We are officially moving on Friday- well my parents are moving us because we're going to be on our way to Ithaca for Will and Ali's Wedding!!!! We're so excited to get up to New York and can't wait to celebrate :) Also, in honor of this trip, I'm going to attempt my first video blog so get ready for that (or maybe not if it doesn't work...) 

So when we come back from Will and Ali's wedding, we're 1) coming home to a new home and 2) we'll be under a month until our wedding and only about 3 weeks until we leave so we're really excited but definitely have a lot of things going on! 

I can't believe it's all almost here and stay tuned for the updates throughout the chaos!