New York VLOG

I'm so happy to introduce the first Vlog! It's a little bit rougher than I would like but life is all about learning from your mistakes. With that being said, I made a list of a few things that I discovered of do's and don'ts for anybody out there playing around with a camera. 

DON'T Stop Shooting: Never stop shooting! I had sooo many clips of just the car ride and while yes, a lot I didn't use, there were hidden gems in some that I didn't notice that were so great. That being said, I wish I had more from the actual wedding. It's a tough balance though- because I wanted to enjoy the night and appreciate the fact that our best friends had just gotten married without seeing it through a camera but from a story line stand point, it definitely would've brought the video together more. 

DO Plan Ahead: You always want to have the story you want your video to tell ahead of time. I wanted it to be focused on our travels so I knew I had to get some airport shots (Ryan was not amused but a total trooper) and then wanted some at the wedding as well. With that said... 

DO Charge Your Cameras: So yes, this seems obvious, but even I forget sometimes. I checked the camera I brought before we left and it has 75% and for photos, I would've been more than covered but completely forgot about how much battery life video takes up! I was already at 50% before we even got to NY so I had to conserve- photos for the bride were way more important :) 

DON'T Pan Too Much: I get in the habit of getting distracted by what I'm filming (especially some of these views of this trip) and found that I loved the still clips way more for the feel that I wanted with this and didn't use anything really where I panned across the scenic view. 

DO Have fun! : Bottom line is you don't want it to feel like work so play around with it, film from different angles and you'll figure out what works for you! 

Also, for the readers who have made it down this far, TOTAL side note. Coming August 5th, myself and the Magee Sisters (Rylee, Torey, Meghan and Maddie) are all starting a blog together called "she's just my sister"! So everything that's day-to-day stuff or fashion, personal, etc will all be posted on there now! I really want to focus on this blog being client and photography based and we all decided we wanted a project to work on together so watch out for that blog to go live come August! 

We're so excited and I hope you keep following along on here and "she's just my sister!"