The Final Countdown

Well guys, wedding week is finally here! With us being engaged for over a year, I truly thought this day would never get here but we could not be more excited. 

Right now, we are on our way to Michigan and making a stop in Ludington to visit Ryan's family before we head off to the island. I'm so excited to finally get to Ludington- Ry's favorite place- and experience it with him before heading to my favorite place :) 

I was thinking about any advice I'd give or what I've learned through this whole process and while the last month has been hard- it's hard to focus on the little details that don't seem to matter so close to the big day but my mom and our wedding planner Carole have just been amazing. I've gotten so spoiled throughout this journey and to think that at the end of all of this, I get to marry Ryan the same day is just really something spectacular. Sorry that got so cheesy- it just kinda came out like word vomit. 

All of the photos from our trip, the two bridal showers, rehearsal and some BTS from the wedding, I will post but not on here, on She's Just My Sister (it's very green right now- our first official post will be on Aug. 5th). This is the blog I announced last week that Ryan's sister's and I are starting together and I'm so excited! We will cover so many different topics and this blog will go back to CCasey Photography based- client shoots, photography advice, etc. 

Thank you guys for following along- I really appreciate it! I'll talk to you guys next time- as a married woman! 

xoxo, c