Kraus Wedding | Ithaca, NY

The most beautiful bride and groom :)

The cutest nephew there ever was

~   Dress: Tart (old but a newer version here- I love their stuff! The fabric is so incredibly comfortable)    /   Shoes: ASOS (sold out but just bought these in blush and they're literally like putting a leather glove on your foot)   ~    /   Purse: ALDO (old, similar here and here)    ~ 

~ Dress: Maggy London (my mom and I might own the same dress and she might've worn it to my bridal shower- shh don't tell)   /   Shoes: ASOS (sold out but just bought these )   ~ 

I truly don't even know where to begin for this past weekend- our best friends Will and Ali got married! Their church in downtown Ithaca was beautiful and then the reception was at Logan Ridge Estates and the view... oh my gosh- the pictures just don't do it justice. 

I truly can't stop smiling when I'm looking at these pictures, remembering the amazing time we had and the love that Will and Ali have for each other :) 

So now for the travel story.... 

So Ryan actually has the worst luck of all time traveling- I've truly never seen anything like it. He always has a cancelled or super delayed flight and nothing can go right when he's traveling. I, on the other hand, have a great travel record so I was hoping I would take over, but turns out, nothing can overtake Ryan's travel mojo. 

We flew PBI --> Newark and then we were supposed to fly Newark --> Syracuse and then rent a car for the hour drive to Ithaca, and during our 4-hour layover in Newark, they just cancelled our flight due to "air traffic control problems".... Is that even a real thing?! So because they had two OTHER flights cancelled out of Newark, both of which left before ours, they weren't too concerned about dealing with us but I was not going to waste any time. Nothing was stopping us from getting to Will and Ali! So we immediately bailed (thank the Lord for no checked luggage) and went and rented a car to drive four hours to Ithaca and it was so beautiful! Ry and I love road trips together so driving through upstate New York - and for The Office fans out there, we passed Scranton, PA! -  it was such a beautiful and fun adventure. And yes for those of you who are wondering, we blasted The Office theme song and it was amazing.) 

By the time we got there, we were only about an hour later than we would've been if we had flown so no harm, no foul. 

The weekend in it's entirety was just so stunning and is definitely one Ry and I will never forget. Alsooo, I took lots of video footage so I'm going to attempt and make a vlog from this trip- it's definitely going to be rough but you gotta start somewhere so be on the look out for that :)