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O'Shea Family | Jupiter, FL

Aaaaand then they might've gotten totally soaked by a wave

So I have to start by saying this family is seriously the best. They are 100% go with the flow from us deciding not the reschedule despite the storm clouds and drizzling that were surrounding us to getting totally SOAKED by a wave at the end of the shoot. (Naturally, right after I said I won't put them too far into the rocks so they don't get too wet- HA!) That's the ocean for ya. 

So to the O'Shea Family- thank you thank you!! for being just amazing and wonderful clients and for making my job so easy! 

xx, c

Lynch Family | Jupiter, FL

I loved being able to catch up with the Lynch family last fall! They were troopers for the early-morning weekday wake up call because it was all that I had available but we had a great time walking around the park! Kim and I actually played volleyball together in high school so it was so fun to catch up after all this time! While photographing families with little ones is always fun (and adorable!) it's such a good change of pace to have one with older kids that make it a blast and embrace the cheesiness (which then of course turn into my favorite ones of everyone laughing and just embracing it all!) 

xx, c

Kohut Family | Jupiter, FL

Okay, so I'm totally blaming it on pregnancy brain but I'm not entirely sure how this post didn't get published sooner but better late than never! The Kohut family was my first shoot of 2018 and it couldn't have been with a sweeter family! I love extended family shoots and having everyone together that normally don't get to see each other that often. 

It was such a beautiful day and I hope to see them all again soon! 

xx, c