Asher | Newborns

So disclaimer time: This was my first newborn shoot, we had to do it twice (moreso because we were doing it on my lunch break from my job and the first time Asher would not fall asleep), and photographing newborns is harder than it seems. 

I'm so glad that my friend Carly was my first session. We laughed our way through this for sure but ultimately, I'm so happy with how the photos came out. I'm really glad that we did this twice- the first time Asher was wiiiiiide awake and I have some favorites for that session but also some of the ones from the sleeping session just make my heart melt! 

He is such a cutie and I'm so happy for him to be my first newborn! (Also, fun fact, we was the first newborn I'd ever held also lol). 

xx, C