Grayson Jay | Jupiter, FL

Happy Thursday! I wanted to finally share some Grayson photos on the blog but disclaimer, the ones of him and the ones of us were not taken at the same time. I have a new found respect for moms and dads who book me for newborn lifestyle sessions because let me tell ya, when Grayson was a week old and I knew I needed to do his photos the last thing I wanted to do was get dressed and put makeup on so we took his and then about a week later we set up a tripod and took a few family ones. 

We are certainly in an adjustment period- we're tired a lot and learning how to take on life with an infant but Ry and I wouldn't trade it for the world- we are so blessed with our baby! 

On a work standpoint, I am booking shoots as of mid-September so all those families out there for holiday cards reach out before weekends fill up :)

xx, c