Jackie & Mike | Jupiter, FL

This shoot right here is an example of why Florida summer weather is stressful but also so amazing. On shoot day, there was a monsoon of rain! Like non-stop, threatening, scary clouds rain. Jackie and I already had to reschedule a couple of times and they lived in Ft. Lauderdale so we have to make the call a couple hours ahead of time. We were on the phone and it had stopped raining but it was NOT pretty out and that golden ray of light was really important to Jackie and Mike and I said, "ya know what, let's do this and if it doesn't work, I'll drive to you guys and we'll make it work." Oh boy, did Florida weather come through. I mean I couldn't have asked for better light not to mention a better couple! Jackie and Mike were seriously awesome from chasing light (if you've work with me, you know exactly what that means) to standing on rocks while getting hit with waves, you guys are the best! 

xx, c