The New CMagee Photography

Hi everyone! Welcome to the new and updated Christine Magee Photography! I’m so excited to this finally done! I love how it turned out after all this time (I started working on it back in April of last year…) But there was one more element that needed refreshing and that was the blog. I fell into a rut last year (and frankly fell completely out of it all together after Grayson was born) but I found myself dreading blog posts. They were so low on my priority list because life was hectic and holiday sessions were happening and I needed to get galleries delivered not blog posts up. I also had really wondered what kind of benefit the blog posts served- did everyone love going through every post? Or at least some of them? Were families or couples just waiting for their session and then not look again?

It had just become such a negative thing for me but I want to share these amazing families and sweet sweet couples so I sat down and thought about how I could do this. So instead of sharing just session after session, it’s basically going to come down to two (maybe three) categories:

  1. Weddings: After that whole rant, these are gonna stay the same in that each wedding will get a dedicated blog post BUT here’s why: SO much time and effort go into weddings and they deserve to be celebrated. It’s also a great way to tell people about the flow of the day, offer tips on timelines, lighting, information for future brides that I hope could be helpful! Also, let’s be honest over here- it’s a great way for me to connect to vendors and share the wedding vendor community to my followers so it’s a win win

  2. Tips/ Advice: This I’m realllly excited about and it’s how I am going to share my families and couples. This can be anything from “How do I dress my family for our shoot?” to “Can I bring my dog to our engagement shoot?” to “5 locations in South Florida for your photo shoot”. I’m hoping that by using my photos and giving real life examples to other real people that you guys will be able to relate to the content. But I need some more ideas so please comment below with any questions or content you want to hear about!

  3. Personal: So I am going to leave this up to you guys- I try to keep it pretty personal on social media here and there but let me know if you guys want Magee Family updates. Or I don’t even have to talk about our family but I could share photos similar to this post or tips how to take photos of your little ones? I don’t even know- now I’m rambling but you get the idea.

Redoing my website and having this new outlook on the blog feels so exciting and I hope there’s a few of you out there excited also! Fingers crossed I can keep it up!

xx, c