Padon & Gonzales Families | Jupiter, FL

Guys, this is a big deal. With this blog post, I am FINALLY caught up on Christmas time shoots! I would complain but frankly it means that I was busy enough at the end of last year that I couldn't keep up and I am incredibly grateful for that problem. 

Meanwhile, these two families are just the sweetest. The moms are sisters and it's so much fun to shoot with extended family! I've actually babysat for both of these families so it's always fun to photograph the little ones and play with them throughout the shoot. It was a windy sunrise shoot and they were totally up for the challenge! 

I can't wait to share (in a timely manner) all of the wonderful shoots coming up and just going to apologize now, when this baby is born, there will be dedicated posts for him or her also :) 

xx, c