Gill Family | Ludington, MI

This shoot will forever hold a special place in my heart! For starters, these three people.... I don't even know where to begin. Joe and Ry went to high school together in Ludington, MI (where this shoot was and oh my gosh I think I was made to shoot in the Midwest but we'll get there) and Joe was a groomsmen in our wedding. When I first met Joe and Dev, Ry and Joe were groomsmen together in a wedding in Charleston, which meant I had to have one-on-one time with Dev and I was so nervous! That's a lot of pressure for two people who don't know each other. Well, it didn't take long and Dev and I clicked immediately and we had so much fun together! Both Joe and Dev are hilarious and have hearts of gold so you can only imagine how wonderful their son Quinn is. Quinny was loving having his photo taken and exploring the woods with mom and dad! 

This location.... if you have seen even a few of my photos you know how much I love green. This entire shoot I could not stop talking about how beautiful it was and how I wish I could shoot here everyday! There are days that Ry and I dream of moving to the midwest and trust me, this morning there were very few reasons not to pick up and move right then and there :)

xx, c