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Hi! My name is Christine (I got real creative with the business name if you can't tell) and I'm so glad that you're stopping by- I know there is a sea of photographers you can be looking at so I love that you wanted to spend some time with me. 

I am definitely a lifestyle photographer- give me all of the candid moments please- so that when you look back at your wedding photos or newborn session you say "I remember that moment!" instead of "We never sit like that." Without getting too cheesy, I have to say I really love what I do and the ability to freeze such genuine moments and preserve that forever. Nothing beats the way a husband and wife look at each other as they walk down the aisle or the way brand new parents look at the 8 lb. bundle of joy in their arms and I get to document it- it truly makes me smile every. single. time. 

I seriously love that you're here and I'll stop rambling so let's get together!