Wedding Questionnaire 

I know this seems a little daunting but I just want to gather as many details as possible on the front-end, so your day can go absolutely perfect :)

Bride Name *
Bride Name
Groom Name *
Groom Name
The timing of all the main events is where we're going to start! Let me know the start & end times of all the below please!
Date of Wedding
Date of Wedding
Bride Getting Ready
*For getting ready, I will get there between the time that you get your hair & makeup done. Please let me know when you will sit for both. I'll also need the dress, shoes, rings, a full set of your invitation & any other beautiful details you would love photographed!
This is where you get to pour your heart out & tell me if you have to have a getting ready photo with your grandma, or a the photo of your dad seeing you for the first time- anything super important to you! If you're thinking, "Christine, whatever you say" then just type "you do you!"
Groom Getting Ready
If we've already talked about this & as much as I wish I could, I can't be in two places at once and I will not be photographing the groom getting ready then you can leave this section blank.
Are you doing a first look? *
If YES, then we need to make sure we have time for the first look, the bride & groom portraits and the bridal party photos. We will need about two hours (not accounting for travel time) & consider if you want to family portraits as well but of course, we'll need more time for that. If you wanna say, "Nah, family and bridal party can wait until after we're husband and wife", we'll need an hour post-ceremony as well.
If we're not doing a first look, ideally this is the shot list that we'll get prior to the ceremony: Bridal portraits, Bride with bridesmaids, Individual shots with each B.M., Bride with parents, Individual with each parent, Groom Portraits, Groom with groomsmen, Individual shots with each G.M, Groom with parents , Individual with each parent
Cocktail Hour/ Reception
Remember, it is unlikely for you to attend your cocktail hour if you are not doing a first look as we will need all the time we can get between the ceremony and reception for your portraits.
Please Indicate Which of the Following Will Take Place During the Reception
Bridal Party
Family Formal Portraits
These are what I call the refrigerator photos because it's what ends up on grandma's fridge :) I STRONGLY recommend keeping this time for immediate family + grandparents and that's it. This can be a huge time suck- that being said, we are more than happy coordinating some more family photos during the reception. Feel free to add/change, but keep in mind of the time. It takes about 20 mins. total or about 3-4 mins. per grouping. For extended family, it might be easier to do one large picture rather than many different groupings. I will photograph the family first, then the bridal party, then dismiss everyone to the cocktail hour while I photograph the you guys. If you didn't do a first look, I would much rather keep you two to myself during the cocktail hour for photos so we're not rushed!
For example, bride with bride's family (list names here), bride and grandparents (list names here), etc.
Please provide the names of vendors (if not applicable, just write N/A) and links to their website so I can credit them when I share all your pretty photos!